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Story of Post [Aug. 6th, 2006|07:14 pm]
Ribbon of Red RP


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After Di and Crys two best friends met for coffee and talked over various events that had happened during their time apart the two friends, decided to go to Crys's new place of Residence located on the edge of China town. There Di met her friends step mother, Tao-Li.

It is in this place, that Di learned that this quaint home is not what it seems to be. Upon first glance.
She had her fortune told, and many many things were said...
For a price.
A silver necklace with an unusual pendant in the shape of the full moon, with a diamond on it.

Later after the fortune, the two friends had decided to go to the archery range in St. James.
It was there that Crys had come down with a headcahe so intense, that it near drove her mad with pain. However, as soon as it became unbearable, it stopped, and the young female was happy to say she remembered one of the friends back in Japan at the Sakurbura Boarding house, run by Miyabi Kurasagi.

Shawn, the young fellow in St. Norbert has returned home from work, with news that "someone's back in town."

It is Now a few days later, and the three friends have things on their minds.

Di-Ribbon: Your goal is to make a post about your fortune, and the news articles that your character read in the last RP Session.
Kusuke-Ribbon: Your goal is to disscuss more, in length about the "person who is back in town." And the fact that the "person" is alive, and well. Except that said person is being watched by things.. not alive.
Crystal-Ribbon's gaol. To write about the feeling of "being watched." And a chatting session with her friend Danial Amsler back at the Sakurbur boarding house.