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Story Post One. [Aug. 3rd, 2006|05:10 pm]
Ribbon of Red RP


[mood |artistic]

Our story begins with a young girl getting off of a plane at the Winnipeg Airport. She has been in Japan for the past year, and none of her friends know of her arrival.

Due to some events occuring in Japan, her state of mind is not all there. In fact, this story teller will share, she suffers a lack of memory.

Meabhile in St. Norbert a good friend of hers, rushes off to his job at food land, grumbling about how his feet will ache at the end of his day.

While across the city, in a quaint area known as Trashcona to most, but Transconna to those who live there, a young wiccan girl, awake from a nightmare of something she wants to forget quite terribly, in fact she is unsure if it is from a real event or not.

The wheels of fate begin turning, and these three friends, will soon find themselves in an adventure they will never forget.

Kusuke, you are required to in character to make an lj post, about your day at work.
Di-chan, you are required to write a post about your nightmare, be as horrific as you can.
Chaos's goal is to write a post about reaching her home.