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ribbon_of_red's Journal

Ribbon of Red RP
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Welcome to Ribbon of Red

Ribbon of Red is a community for a group of people who like to RP.
The setting takes place in our home city of Winnipeg.
The Year is 2006
The Month (Or start Month is also August)


This Community serves as a gateway where I the GM, (Chaosperfected)
Will make a story post every now and then, in order to get the RP moving along nicely.

Our Characters have their own LJ's, but they are forbidden to make posts in the community. Posts here are for OOC info such as story posts done by me the GM, or even character stats, or disscussion of the rp in general.

Our Characters RP via MSN messenger, and LJ, leaving comments on each others posts, and the like. Pretty much, if two characters meet, you *RP* the scene as you would in any free form RP. I'll provide an example log later. After you have an RP Session, you "blog about it."

It's a bit sketchy at best but as time goes on, we may end up including other cities, and people.

The info is under construction currently, but eventually there will be more stats.